Knowledge sharing

What is Knowledge Sharing?

Knowledge sharing is an exercise where information is exchanged between people. This could mean friends, families, communities and organisations. In this definition, we will be focusing on the exchange of information between organisations.

Most organisations recognise that knowledge is invaluable for businesses creating and maintaining competitive advantages. To make the most of this, many organisations invest in knowledge sharing tools and platforms but technology is not the only factor for this exercise. Other factors affecting the exchange of information in an organisation includes business culture, trust and incentives.

The challenge:

It can prove to be a massive challenge, this is especially true for large organisations with a large field of information that is often shifting and changing. There are multiple challenges that come with trying to share across an organisation. Without sufficient technology or time and budget allocated logistically this can be difficult. Another challenge that can prove difficult to overcome is a sense of ownership. For example, some resist sharing their knowledge as it feels it gives them more value within the organisation.

Knowledge sharing with Gluu

Gluu is a platform that offers various features designed to help your team with knowledge sharing. With Gluu you can document many process maps in as much detail as necessary. These visual work instructions can then be easily shared and accessed by different teams via mobile or a computer.

One of the features which you can implement in your process maps is comments and labels. These are great because it allows your team to contribute to the process, perhaps with a new idea. It also is a great place for newer staff to ask questions if they need to. It’s a good idea to not only address these questions with a reply but also consider adding more detail regarding that topic in your process documentation. This way, by answering an inquiry once, you’re giving that information to all who need it in the future.

Further Resources of Knowledge Sharing:

  • TED Talks – The TED platform features a wide range of talks on various topics, including knowledge sharing, innovation, and collaboration.
  • Wikipedia

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