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At Gluu, we prioritize your user experience. That commitment shines in our dedication to business process management (BPM). Turn to Gluu Webinars & News for a vibrant snapshot of our organization. Here, we share the latest trends, inspiring stories, and knowledge straight from our BPM experts.

What sets Gluu Webinars & News apart? For starters, it showcases our strong commitment to BPM excellence. As the BPM world changes, we keep you updated with the newest tools and techniques. Our content doesn’t just inform; it offers a closer look at BPM’s growth and how Gluu actively contributes.

Beyond that, real passion drives our content. Every article and webinar echo our goal: to simplify, enhance, and transform BPM for businesses everywhere. Want more insights? Check out our detailed press kit.

And let’s not forget community. Gluu Webinars & News is more than a news source. It’s a conversation hub. We value your input, turning feedback into action. This engagement ensures we stay at the cutting edge of BPM solutions.

In short, we don’t just broadcast updates. We share our vision, journey, and unwavering focus on BPM excellence. Dive in, learn, and become part of the Gluu evolution.

How D365 partners can go from projects to ongoing services Join us on Tuesday, February 27, at 3:00 PM CET Join our webinar and find out how you clearly…

1 month ago

2023 Product Highlights: A Business Benefit Overview

In this new year's special, you'll get an overview of the key features that we released during 2023. Join this…

2 months ago

2024 Product Roadmap: What are we planning? Join us on Friday, February 23, at 2:00 PM CET Gluu delivers Business Process Management for People. This means…

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Speed up your process improvement flow through faster approvals

Long approval flows can kill your continuous improvement effort if it's not adressed. Watch this webinar to learn how to…

6 months ago

Gluu listed in Gartner Market Guide for Enterprise Business Process Analysis Tools

With 'representative vendors' Gartner® acknowledges the noteworthy contributions of companies that demonstrate exceptional expertise, technological prowess, and customer satisfaction in…

8 months ago

How to make every new employee onboarding your best

What if you could ensure that every employee onboarding lives up to your own best practice? If there were no…

8 months ago

Managing improvement ideas effectively

Tired of process improvement ideas getting lost or not managed? In this webinar we discuss this problem and introduce Gluu's…

8 months ago

The bots are coming! How to control them via your business processes

Bots made with e.g. PowerAutomate, UIPath and ChatGPT are popping up in many businesses. A key question is how do…

8 months ago

Avoid your suppliers being disconnected from your business process

Does your company use suppliers as part of your product and service delivery? Then you may want to make them…

8 months ago

Consultant? How to help your clients to digitalize operations with Gluu

How to help your clients to digitalize operations with Gluu? What if you could bridge the gap from your recommendation…

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