Process improvement

Speed up your process improvement flow through faster approvals

It can take very long to get the right people to approve even small process improvements. This can kill your continuous improvement effort if it’s not adressed.

What if process owners could send and manage approvals in a simple, closed-loop flow? Our tests suggest that it could reduce approval and management time and raise improvement numbers by 10x.

In this webinar we will introduce Gluu’s major upgrade to how approvals are handled. Join to learn how to:

  • engage every employee in giving improvement suggestions.
  • find the right balance between speed and governance.
  • run a more efficient approval flow by semi-automating it.

Watch it now! Or read the main takeaways listed below ⬇️

Key Points and Takeaways from the Webinar:

  1. Introduction
    • The webinar focuses on balancing efficiency through continuous improvement with management bandwidth.
    • Divided into two sections: challenges of continuous improvement and implementation in Gluu.
  2. Continuous Improvement Drivers
    • Continuous improvement aims to enhance efficiency, reduce waste, and minimize errors.
    • Other factors, adhering to certain standards can notably propel continuous improvement initiatives.
  3. Challenges of External Consultants
    • While external consultants frequently offer beneficial changes, they unfortunately don’t hold internal ownership in the organization.
    • Implementing significant changes recommended by consultants can be resource-intensive and challenging.
  4. Employee-Driven Continuous Improvement
    • Encouraging employees to suggest improvements can be ineffective without proper tools for execution and approval.
  5. Calculating Improvement Realization
    • Comparing top-down and employee-driven approaches.
    • Employee-driven improvements, with more involvement and faster implementation, yield better results.
  6. Importance of Employee Expertise
    • Employees working in processes are experts in identifying areas for improvement.
  7. Handling Employee-Driven Improvements
    • The webinar focuses on what to do with employee-driven improvement suggestions and how to secure approvals.
  8. Conventional vs. Gluu’s Approval Process
    • Conventional approval processes are time-consuming and involve multiple steps.
    • Gluu offers a streamlined, efficient approval process with only four actions and minimal time investment.
  9. Streamlined Approval Process in Gluu
    • Demonstrated a simplified process in Gluu for suggesting, analyzing, approving, and implementing changes.
    • The process promotes transparency, and, importantly, it accommodates both approvals and rejections.
  10. Mandatory Approvals
    • Certain processes may require mandatory approvals for quality or compliance reasons.
    • Gluu allows for configuring mandatory approvals based on specific roles or criteria.
  11. Conclusion and Additional Information
    • Highlighted the benefits of Gluu’s transparency in handling improvement suggestions.
    • Highlighted the necessity for mandatory approvals and, crucially, included links for more details.

This overview points out the main ideas from the webinar, showing the benefits of using Gluu’s simple approval method for ongoing improvement efforts.

Søren Pommer

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