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The highlights of Gluu’s monthly release

Monthy release April 2021
Katarina Tökölyova
By on 26/04/2021

Customers of Gluu already know that we have monthly releases of new and improved features. This month we planned something big, so we want to put an extra spotlight on the release. Let me run you through four key features that went live last week. 

Integration with Microsoft Teams (in beta)

You already receive all personal updates with our email notifications (if you want to). But now your whole team can receive updates from activity in Gluu. The integration with Teams will notify all of your team and it brings a much higher level of engagement.

You need to have the “Gluu” application installed in your Microsoft Teams. With that done, using MS Teams UI, you can create “channel connectors” – a set of rules for the selected channel of what account events you want to be notified on. You can set up notifications on:

  • process updated/commented
  • activity created/updated
  • case started/ completed
  • case task started/completed
  • recurring task started/completed
  • comment/reply made
Gluu's integration with Microsoft Teams

In order to integrate your Gluu account with Microsoft teams follow our guide. 

Advanced filtering of (nearly) everything

If you are using Gluu on regular basis, you most likely have dozens/hundreds of processes, activities, tasks, cases, and roles. With a large amount of data, it can be quickly overwhelming to find relevant data. But no more of that!  Any user with permission to manage a team can now filter processes, activities, tasks, cases, roles, audit trail and more! This allows you to set filter conditions and find relevant data as fast as possible. On top of that, you can create detailed reports on your filtered data!

Advanced filtering of processes

Tracking your history with a full audit trail

The account owner can now review the full records that provide documentary evidence of the sequence of activities that have at any time affected a specific operation, procedure, or event. It tracks both the activity of the users, as well as, any registration done by Gluu. Every single one of your moves is documented here. 

You can filter your audit trail data based on specific users, target, action, and/or description, which can further be downloaded as a CSV or JSON file. It is the ultimate tool to prove your compliance. 

Audit trail

Easier sorting of your process hierarchy

Until now, all processes were numerically sorted. With our new sorting mode, you do not have to keep any numbers on your mind anymore! Our new sorting mode allows you to simply drag and drop them. You can change the process order within a group, move processes from one group to another, change the group and category order.

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