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Quality Management

Is your ISO 9001 certification just for the wall?

80-90% of all ISO 9001 certified organizations were only certified because regulatory and/or customer pressure forced them into this. In such organizations the management system is often only on the agenda when an audit is coming up. At that time a few people scramble to update dated documents to reflect reality. Will the coming ISO 9001:2015 change this?

Søren Pommer



Does Yammer Increase Productivity?

The enterprise social networking tool Yammer is now used by more than 5 Million employees in 200,000 companies. Hundreds of millions of online conversations have taken place inside these companies. The question is if these conversations increase productivity?

Søren Pommer


Case Studies

Lean Management in Sales at Multinational

When customers start demanding solutions and services rather than mass produced products, then this requires new organizational competencies and processes . See how a Process Community™ can support the implementation of new processes in a manufacturing company.

Søren Pommer