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Streamline your sourcing organisation

Gluu delivers a proven toolset of process, templates and analyses to category managers and ensures a smooth execution from requirements to implementation. 

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Let everyone follow best practice

By aligning your sourcing process with the organisation, sourcing can implement suppliers and improve sourcing KPIs faster than ever before.

Remove bottlenecks
Ensure that the organisation knows what and how.

Map activities to roles
Show how work flows across roles to bring role clarity.

Tried and tested
Use a proven set of sourcing processes from the beginning.

Reuse activities across
Make reusable flows and activities and avoid duplication.

Ensure results
A well defined process can help inexperience category managers to deliver results.

Manage rights by process
Delegate process ownership to the right people.

Best in class toolset
Each step of the process includes analysis guidelines, work flows and templates.

Full account audit trail
Improve security and ease auditing.


Best in class category management toolset

Use our sourcing process so you can use the right tool at the right time.
Free time to improve negotiations techniques, savings and contract coverage.

“We still have a large number of IT systems but Gluu is where work starts in most cases.”
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Go for the process,
not the man

Get an overview of all active sourcing cases without wasting time on followup meetings.
Keeping an eye on the progress and removing roadblocks is essential for sourcing management.

Measure leadtime
Understand and improve leadtime of your sourcing cases.

Everyone stays updated
New sourcing cases will be based on best, and updated, practice.

Keep category knowledge
Be less vulnerable to changes by keeping category knowledge within the process

True sourcing excellence
Sourcing processes updated by experience keeps sourcing ahead of the game.


All processes needs revisions to stay ahead

All companies evolves over time. So should your sourcing processes.
Comments to from category managers to the process owner will ensure that the sourcing process is continuously updated and fits the organisation.

Business problems that Improve helps solve

Improve leadtime
The right tools gets the job done faster.

Organisational alignment
Clarity of roles and responsibility outside sourcing removes bottlenecks.

Meet compliance requirements Filter activities based on compliance need such as risk and GDPR.

Keep processes updated
Delegated and automated change management ensures more frequent updates.

Engage employees
Feedback from category managers increases motivation and engagement.

Retain category knowledge
Be less vulnerable to organisational changes.