Safe compliance with ‘best practice’ and quality requirements

Gluu keeps track of important business processes every time. Avoid unnecessary paperwork and bureaucracy when managing and complying with your quality goals.

Easy mapping of workflows
Gain clarity about who is responsible for what.

Bring work instructions to life
With video and pictures, everyone gets the latest knowledge at hand, exactly when the task is to be performed.

Document the execution automatically
During audits and inspections, you can easily show where and when each task is completed. Strengthen the documentation with photos from Gluus mobile app.

Label risky activities
Make it easy to manage risk across the organization. Get a single overview.

Create all kinds of training
Delegate the creation of courses to the right experts and ensure the best possible quality.

Perform training when appropriate
Pull employees out of the classroom and let them complete training courses via mobile apps or the web when it suits them.

Automatically send training materials to the right people
Save time by ensuring that employees are trained according to the requirements of their roles.

Automate reporting
See who is missing and prove that important safety, hygiene and safety training has been completed.


Manage your training and certification in one place

It is difficult to ensure that all employees are trained regularly and that everyone can participate in the training day. Gluu sends the training material to the relevant employees, who can complete the training courses with our mobile or web applications when they have the time for it. It saves time, leads to fewer mistakes and provides peace of mind.


Audit reporting, inspection and certification

With Gluu, reporting is an extra benefit of getting the job done right. All completed tasks and updates are logged automatically and can be reported with one click. This avoids spending time organizing data for reporting.

Planned tasks in annual cycle
Receive a notification when scheduled tasks are not performed on time so that the right person can respond as quickly as possible to the delay. Get control of service and maintenance, cleaning once and for all.

Case-driven tasks
With case management, you can ensure the optimal documentation for your next audit. Save photos and videos as part of the task solution.

Access to data
Gluu can export data to dashboards, further analysis or reporting.

Audit trail
All significant changes in Gluu will be tracked so you can easily see all the changes made to the account.

Automatic reporting
Draw reports on all previous cases and show who did what and when.

Share only what is relevant
Give external experts access to your processes so they can update them with the latest knowledge and requirements in the field.

Labels provide an overview
Mark which processes need to be updated and get the help where you need it.

Perform multiple tasks online
Save the environmental impact of transportation and let the experts work from home.

Flexibility around authority reporting
Job descriptions of proper reporting to the authorities and placement of data, ensure that everyone can do it right the first time.


Gain control over all environmental and climate requirements

Green transition is in rapid development and it can be difficult to keep up. Get external experts to update your specific workflows so you are always on the right path.