Make every onboarding your best

Studies show that if the onboarding experience is poor then new employees are likely to leave faster. A good experience requires attention to detail. Every time. This is where Gluu can help.


Show who is responsible for each step

Easily add all the necessary roles that have tasks to do.

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Map your process flow across roles
Bring together representatives from IT, HR and other functions that are involved and map out the flow.

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Assign process owners and editors
Decide on who can edit your onboarding process.

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Describe what to do in each activity
This is done as a step-by-step guide with screenshots – or even better as a video recording of the screen.

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Standardize how your onboarding is done
Organize and show systems, files and visual work instructions for each activity in a process.

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Embed video from any source
Add videos to explain complex tasks.

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Drag and drop images
Quickly add screenshots and reduce text length.

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Automatic change control
All changes are logged and can be rolled back.


Let colleagues understand how each activity is done

Share instructions as videos, images and links so everyone knows what to do.


Run a case to send out all tasks automatically

New cases are started easily. Tasks will then show to the right role at the right time.

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Run every new hire as a case
Ensure every onboarding follows your standard.

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Use templates for variations
Create specific case templates for regular, student, remove employees etc.

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Manage tasks across departments
Make sure everyone completes their tasks for every new employee.

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Visual dashboard
See real-time task status across roles and cases.

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1-click report on each case
Print instant status reports on your onboarding.


Uncover bottlenecks
Reporting shows you which tasks are too time-consuming or where employees face issues.

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Automatic progress tracking
Automatically track and report for compliance and GDPR.


Report on each employee’s onboarding

All tasks are logged with person and time so everything is documented, stored and easy to report.

How Gluu for Onboarding helps…

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New Employees

  • Understand how your company works.  
  • See which tasks to do, when and how.
  • Ask questions and report issues.
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HR Managers

  • Get a real time overview of onboarding performance.
  • Get improvement ideas and data in the right context.
  • Edit and communicate your onboarding process in one flow.
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Senior Management

  • One, consolidated overview of process performance and compliance.
  • One common language and format.
  • Easier onboarding and introduction to standard work.