Lean Process


Speed up and scale your lean effort

Gluu helps your lean effort by increasing the number of improvements and sustaining your Standard Work – across locations and departments.

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Remove the friction when collaborating around continuous improvement.

With Gluu you can more easily let the people “that know” own and improve processes, SOPs, tasks, and registrations.


Add the processes you want to manage

Visualise the connection from your strategy to each task in the front line. From process owner to worker.

Processes as groups - process hierarchy in Gluu
visualize how all processes add value in a value chain


Visualise how all processes add value

Show how each process supports value creation.


Organise your virtual flows just like an assembly line

Turn each activity into a visual work instruction with a complete “5S” of video, images, templates and systems needed for the job..

work instructions


Capture issues where work happens

Let frontline workers take images of quality issues and submit to process owners with a single click.


Collect input for improvement 24/7

Communicate around ideas and issues and label for easy follow-up in your Kaizen events. Gluu lets anybody who uses the process comment and give feedback while work is done.

sharing ideas and feedback with comments in gluu


How Gluu for Lean helps…

All employees

Use a phone or tablet directly in the work situation.

See which tasks to do, when, and how.

View SOPs with images and videos.

Complete registrations.

Ask questions and report issues.

Process owners

Get a real-time overview of process performance.

Get improvement ideas and data in the right context.

Edit and communicate Standard Work in one flow.


One, a consolidated overview of process performance and compliance.

One common language and format.

Easier onboarding and introduction to standard work.

Six types of waste that Gluu helps you remove

Handling paper forms

Printing, distributing and collecting paper forms takes time. Gluu’s form builder eliminates this waste.

Issues not being collected in a systematic way

Gluu closes the feedback loop from frontline to backoffice and places input in the right place. This eases root cause analysis.

Slow problem reporting

Reporting issues from frontline to backoffice takes time. Gluu makes it real time for faster corrective action.

Communicating changes

Gluu eliminates 90% of the time spent communicating changes to the right people (compared with email and Visio.)

Written SOPs lead to more errors

Instructions by video or image at the right time ensure better understanding. This reduces the error rate.

Answering the same question many times

Process editors answer questions in Gluu which automatically notify people with the right role. All is searchable.


Marianne Mølgaard the Process & Optimization Specialist, Bisnode

Gluu is very easy to use. Managers in all functions are mapping processes with their teams. People are excited about this collaborative approach."
See interview

Marianne Mølgaard Process & Optimization Specialist, Bisnode

The Gluu platform enables us to find new ways to eliminate waste, as our processes from order to delivery production become easier to understand. Also, we get time savings by no longer having to handle paper registrations. Everything is now done in the app.” See case study

Jacob Lund Plant Manager, RPC Superfos

If a mistake is made during the night, the Quality Assurance specialist needs to know about the it immediately when he or she shows up for work in the morning. Here, the traditional procedures are simply too slow. With Gluu it happens in real time, so the error is visible to everyone immediately. That way our employees, e.g. cleaning staff in the factory, only need to deal with the task and form visible on their smartphone, and they may even have a concrete video guide at hand. This decreases the risk of errors.” Read case

Casper Bendtzen QHSE Manager, RPC Superfos