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Compliance does not mean increased complexity

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Assurance of the correct execution of critical tasks

Gluu ensures that proper work instructions are shown to those who perform the tasks and keep track of where and when the task is performed.

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Marking of risky activities on the process card
A common understanding of the importance of the individual activities, so that the risk is handled correctly from the start.

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Only release new tasks when they are relevant
With case management, you can ensure that new tasks are only released when previously critical tasks have been performed. Thus, the organization avoids unnecessary firefighting and misunderstandings in the course of the case.

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Marking of priority tasks
As part of case management, you can mark, at the task level, whether a task is critical or not.

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Securing documentation
Get pictures attached as documentation when completing a task. The real picture says more than 1000 words – also for compliance purposes.

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End2end process map of all part processes
Delegate the creation of sub-processes to those who know the standards best. Maintain an overview and ensure quality in depth.

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Navigate smoothly between different process standards
With labels, you can mark which processes and activities are subject to which standards. Thus, the organization, consultants and auditors can easily collaborate with understanding and respecting each other’s requirements and needs.

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Maintain the risk overview
By following the organization’s critical processes, you can continuously identify and address new risks that arise from changing needs or new experiences.

Minimize paperwork
Adherence to several standards usually means more paperwork. With the digitization of both processes and case management, you can easily prove your compliance with applicable requirements via Gluus dashboards, reports or raw data.


Hassle-free handling and integration of the requirements of several standards

It can be difficult to ensure that all standards are adhered to across all processes. With “end2end” processes, you can ensure that all standards and systems are included in their respective areas while maintaining a great overview of them.


Make the organization work as one unit

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) must bring together the organization around the execution of Best practice. Understanding across roles and tasks ensure that the organization best protects itself against surprises and problems.

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Process maps show activities, role decisions and goals
Effective elimination of organizational silos. Ensure that the result as a whole supports the goals of the business and not just the sub-goals of each department.

Case-driven tasks
Best practice processes form the basis for case management in Gluu. This ensures that the cases are coordinated correctly and carried out on the basis of the latest new knowledge.

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Version control
Both processes and work instructions are version-controlled, so the process owner can ensure that there is control over which version everyone has access to the latest knowledge regardless of which platform they use.

Perform and document the work on site
Regardless of whether the employees are separated geographically or in terms of time, they can see each other’s comments, tasks performed and changed documents in the cases.

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Joint decisions on the same basis
When everyone speaks with the same understanding and on the basis of the same data, it is easy to reach data-driven decisions. Our case management has full transparency and ensures smooth and efficient decisions.

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Event or case management
Regardless of how the cases are started, it is always possible to draw reports that show exactly who was responsible for the task and where and when it was performed.

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Real-time information about deviations
Gluu informs the right people if a time-controlled case is not carried out on time. Subsequently, you can visualize all deviations on a dashboard or in a report, which ensures that nothing is lost.

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Secure image documentation
As part of the task, your colleagues can attach pictures, which can later be pulled out for analysis or evidence.

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Proper handling of comments
In Gluu, anyone with the right access can comment on both work instructions and processes so that they reflect reality. The comments are saved and you can follow up that all needs have been met in the latest version of the process.


Auditing is a by-product of properly performed work

If all the intermediate calculations are correct – the total result is also correct. If your work is based on a correct process, you can let Gluu collect data and the evidence that all cases have been followed to the letter. Auditing, therefore, becomes the easiest part of the job.