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Sync your case files with SharePoint – and 6 other new Gluu features

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Gabriel Hourigan
By on 11/09/2019

Over the last few months, our platform has gone through some exciting improvements in order to make your work and business processes easier. We’re both proud and excited to introduce you to Gluu’s seven new features that went live last night.

Normally we share these updates with our customers only. But why not let you all join in the fun? From now on we will also share our release updates here on our blog to keep all readers updated on our progress with creating the online platform that is going to help you succeed with your process work.

Without further ado, let’s look at Gluu’s latest features:

For understanding work

  1. Comment directly on the process page. This lets you share input on a process level (as well as for specific activities).

For executing work

  1. Automatically create SharePoint folders for your cases – and sync all files with SharePoint. This combines Gluu for activity management and SharePoint for file management in a tightly integrated flow.
  2. Sort and filter task lists on activities.
  3. Save forms as drafts on a mobile app. Now our mobile apps also support the ability to save forms as drafts for when you have long-running case flows.

For improving work

  1. See a complete company task calendar that shows all recurring tasks in a single overview.
  2. Set activity target time and measure throughput time against the target for all cases.
  3. Show all your company’s cases in a single case dashboard view.

Below you can learn a little more about some of these important new features.

Comment directly on the process page

In addition to commenting on activities, users can now also comment directly on the process page. This especially useful if comments and questions are general and should be addressed to the whole team involved. Now you can get valuable input to the process as a whole, which results in better communication and understanding of the process and its ongoing changes.

Automatically create SharePoint folders and sync files with SharePoint

Now you can automatically create SharePoint folders for your cases – and sync all files with SharePoint. This streamlines and agilizes your work since you can effortlessly find all your cases in different SharePoint folders. By having a copy of all your files on your SharePoint folders, you combine file management (SharePoint) with your process management (Gluu). All easily accessible from Gluu – or SharePoint.

automatic synchronization of cases with SharePoint

Read the article ‘Synchronize Gluu case files with SharePoint 365‘  in our Help Center.

Save forms as drafts on a mobile app

Work on your forms everywhere, no stress. We’ve made it possible for you to save forms as drafts on Gluu’s mobile app. Being able to leave a form as a draft is useful if you’re working on a really long process that still needs to be refined or if you don’t have all the details to be able to complete it at that time. By saving it as a draft, you’ll be able to go back to it and perfect it later. These forms will be drafts until you hit the “publish” button and are only visible and accessible for the owner and editor team. This way you can work and edit your process forms on the go.

Set activity target time and measure throughput time against the target for all cases

This one is a game-changer. Imagine you’re a manager and want to check up on how your company’s cases are doing and how different roles are performing. This new feature enables you to set an activity duration target time, and check up on its development. Where does your process stop? Where do you have hand-over problems or bottlenecks? This powerful tool gives you an extremely important and visual overview of your process performance. By analysing and evaluating this data, you can take fundamental conclusions and make improvements to your processes and increase their through put time.

setting target activities for tasks in a case

Read the article ‘Improving your process throughput time‘  in our Help Center.

Show all your company’s cases in a single dashboard view

Last but definitely not the least, we introduce the dashboard view for cases. Now you can see all your company’s cases in a single page. The outcome? A time-saving, compact view that lets you get a complete overview of all your company’s running cases in a single place.

Single dashboard view


Have any questions? Check out our Help Center or reach out to us through our chat option in just to the right of this.

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