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Audit log, labels, customer touchpoints and 13 more features

Gabriel Hourigan
By on 15/05/2019

We’ve listened and worked hard. Finally, our new release has come through Quality Control. Today we are happy to announce the availability of 18 new features and improvements to the Gluu platform.

Normally we share these updates with our customers only. However, from now on we will also share our release updates here on our blog to keep all readers updated on our progress with creating the online platform that is most likely to help you succeed with your process work.

So, dig in!

For understanding work

  1. Full account audit trail
  2. Label processes, activities and comments
  3. Place processes in draft mode
  4. Comment on and save version automatically
  5. Mark activities as Customer Touch Points
  6. Enforce a specific sign up method
  7. Use more process filters
  8. Topic-based search
  9. Search for case names
  10. Select columns to show in the process list
  11. Mark work instructions as ready
  12. Clone processes between accounts

For executing work

  1. Edit live, running cases
  2. Show your priority tasks
  3. Start any case from My overview
  4. Show variable fields in forms
  5. Export form data
  6. List the processes that a form is used in.

Below you can learn a little more about some of the most important new features.

A full audit trail for increased security

Administrators can now view a complete history of all user-driven activities on the account. This lets you monitor suspicious activity and IP addresses as well as do your own usage analysis. Data can be exported to .csv.

audit trail

Audit trail article in Gluu’s Help Center.

Label processes and activities to create collections

We’ve rebuilt our label feature to cover much more. You can now create a common set of labels that users can use to mark processes, activities and comments. This way you can create unique collections of information that is related to e.g. strategic initiatives, compliance or certifications such as ISO. Anything that matters to your business.

labelling of processes

Read the article ‘Using labels…‘ in our Help Center.

Set processes to “draft” mode

When you’re adding new processes on an account that is in operations, then they will now be in a draft state until you decide to publish them. Draft processes are only visible and accessible for the owner and editor team.

setting processes as drafts

Read the article ‘Publish, unpublish…‘ in our Help Center.

Make a version and update users in one flow

If you save a diagram with changes then you will be asked if you want to save it as a new formal version (or merely a revision) and if you want to send a comment to the relevant users. This makes it easier to remember the formalities of change control.

notifying users about process changes

Show “customer touch points” across your processes

You can now set an activity as a “customer touch point”. This way you can show customer touch points in a consistent format across all your processes. You can also filter to show all processes with customer touch points.

Marking activities as customer touch points

Read more about activity types.

Topic-based search

If your search returns a lot of results it is useful to segment them by topic. This is why you can now select processes, activities, roles, tasks and files only.

Improved process filtering

We’ve improved the usability of our filtering to let you filter you process collection by category, employee, role, text, type, status, label and form used – or any combination of these. This makes it easy to find exactly the processes that underpin your ISO certification, for instance.

process filtering

Search for case names

Case names are now searchable so you can quickly find the case you’re looking for.

Show variable fields in forms

You can now add a field with the case name, the activity name or the process name to your form. This way users don’t have to type this and you reduce the error rate.

Use column picker in the process list

Select and order the columns to show in the process list.

Add a check box to mark work instruction as ready

Mark a work instruction as ready directly from the page where you’re working on it. It will then change from grey to the color of the activity to show users that this is ready for use.

Extract form data for use in other systems

If users have filled in a lot of forms, then you may want to get the data from inside the forms into a reusable format. Now you can export the forms from a specific time range to a .csv file for easy import into other systems. (Note that Gluu’s API allows you to do this automatically as well).

extracting data from Gluu

Read about Reporting and exporting tasks and form data

List the processes and activities that each form is used in

Want to know where a form is used? Now you will see the list and can go directly to the activity.

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