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Process mapping tool upgrade

process mapping
Freja Marie Hegelund
By on 01/11/2019

We’ve just released a major upgrade to Gluu’s built-in process mapping tool. It’s now faster, easier and safer to use than ever before.

These are the most significant improvements that you’ll see:

  • Auto-saving and roll-back in your work session. This will prevent you from losing any work, if you lose your internet connection or the connection to Gluu.
  • Auto-align shapes to clean up your maps. Just select a number of shapes that are not aligned and click a bottom to align them all with the one closest to the top, the bottom or the left or right.
  • Much lighter and faster. We have completely rewritten the designer, removed 3.500 lines of code and upgraded it to the latest technology for speed, reliability and better Microsoft Edge support.

Other improvements include:

  • Multiselect shapes and move them together – or delete them.
  • Visual alignment guides. Use guiding lines to ensure that your diagram shapes are well aligned and look good.
  • Align how arrows connect to specific shapes. Connect to different places in each shape.
  • Move labels in relation to arrows. Want to move the label slightly? This is now possible.
  • Quick navigation to move around large diagrams. Use a preview to navigate more effectively.
  • Multiple text lines in arrows, events and decisions. Now you can make longer labels.
  • Keyboard shortcuts.
    • Press ‘Shift’ to draw a line around multiple shapes.
    • Press ‘CTRL’ to select multiple shapes. drawing
    • Press ‘Delete’ to delete the selected.
    • Press ‘CTRL + z’ to undo an action
    • Press ‘CTRL + y’ to redo an action

How to use the new process drawing tool

Have any questions? Check out our Help Center or reach out to us through our chat option.

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