Organisational role


Organisational role

Positions in your organisation that aren’t defined by a title

Think of organisational roles as “hats” that people wear. A colleague with the title “Account Manager” can also take the roles of “Full-time employee”, “Business developer” or “Customer Success Manager”. With each role comes different responsibilities and by adding organisational roles and role descriptions you will provide clarity around each person’s roles and responsibilities.

Organisational roles are essential when creating swimlanes. Swimlanes are a critical component of process documentation via process mapping for businesses. They reveal who is responsible for which aspects of a process – which organisational roles is responsible. 

The example belows shows how the roles of ‘Marketing Manager’, ‘Knowledge Producer’ and ‘Webmaster’ are used in a process map.

Learn how to map organisational roles (swimlanes) when creating your process maps in Gluu.

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