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Katarina Tökölyova
By on 17/09/2020

After a year of hard work we are excited the launch the brand new Gluu user experience. Everything has been rebuilt from the ground up for a faster and simpler experience that is designed around how different process user types work.

‘Process usability’ and ‘compliance by design’ have always been the mission with Gluu. With this new user experience we take another lead forward with highlights such as these:

3-5 times faster with 50% less code

We understand the importance of loading times. We have upgraded to the new Angular for speed and responsiveness. Gluu is now 3-5 times faster with 50% less code. With less weight of the application, you will be able to get your tasks done even quicker.  

Uses same design system as Office 365

Many of you use one or multiple Microsoft applications. Thus, you are familiar with their design. We have incorporated Microsoft’s new Fluent Design System so if you can use Teams or Office 365, then you can use Gluu.

Gluu overview page

One-Click access to all that matters

We want to make sure that you can access your activities and processes fast. Therefore, we created a single page experience for you. You will now be able to preview most of your content without leaving the page. To make it even easier, you will be able to clearly access your content with left-hand navigation. 

Transitioning to the new experience

The new design of Gluu is at the moment in ‘preview’. This means that each user can switch between the new and the old interface. All of this is one with a simple click. So you can take the time you need to transition and get used to the new UX.  

We got almost all features for normal users available in the preview. The new UX is available in English, German, and Danish. However, process owners, editors, and admin users will still need to go to the old interface for some functions. We are updating more and more elements on a daily basis. 

Want to see more? Watch our quick intro to the new UX.

We can’t wait for you to go and explore the new Gluu for yourself!  



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