12 highlights from the new Gluu

We’ve listened to our users, analyzed behavioural data and are working harder than ever. The result will be revealed on November 24, 2015. That’s the date where we’ll beta release our new, Gluu’s new user experience to all.

In this post you can preview 12 selected highlights – illustrated by our internal development mockups (not final design!):

  1. A new, single page design.
  2. Much faster loading.
  3. Instant search
  4. Change history.
  5. More space for visual work instructions.
  6. Easier rights management.
  7. Private processes.
  8. Export discussions.
  9. Add files and links more easily.
  10. Personal shortcuts.
  11. Easier user management.
  12. Simpler upgrades and billing.

1. Single page design

Navigate your process and all its activities on the same page. No more hiding of content behind tabs or links – just everything visible simply by scrolling. You navigate between activities by clicking the boxes in the diagram.

2. Much faster loading

We have completely replaced the old code with code based on the latest standards from Google. Our first tests show more than 72% reduction in page loading times.

Type in three letters and see your results, then click to go directly to the page. All your content becomes accessible just as if it was on Google.

4. Change history

We have been logging all actions in the platform for a long time. Now we’re ready to show this to you. Simply filter to see the log and change history for a process or an activity page. Users with edit rights can even export to Excel for easy reporting and auditing.

5. More space for visual work instructions

Our full page design will make it easier to add and see large images and videos – without having to leave the page.

6. Easier rights management

Now we have two types of rights: “Admin users” and “Role Owners/Editors”. Admin users can manage everything – except private processes. Role Owners and Editors can manage everything related to a specific process. This sample shows how you’ll add or change editors and visibility settings for a process.

7. Private processes

The sample above shows the new “private process” setting. Your process will be private as default. This means that only the people shown can view and edit it. Not even admin users can do this. Suddenly sensitive management processes can be included in Gluu.

8. Export discussions

Filter your discussions and export the selection to Excel. This way you can easily report on activity for audits, improvement workshops and internal reporting.

Also, notice the “undo” function – data is only saved if you want it to be!

You can add files and links either from the comment field or directly into work instructions. In any case, they will end up in a reusable list.

10. Personal shortcuts

The personal shortcuts for each user will be split into “Recent pages”, “Processes I own” and “Activities where I have a role”. Users can then focus on those work instructions that are relevant to them.

11. Easier user management

Better overview of user’s last login date, which users that have admin rights and more secure password management.

12. Simpler upgrades and billing

Just add/change the number of users you need and pay by credit card or invoice. Only “Account owners” can have access to the billing page for increased security.

These were the highlights we have chosen to share.

Søren Pommer

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